Bradbury: LA needs monorails!

Recently there has been talk in the media here in the Denver Metro area regarding our out of control traffic issues. However, that’s all it is, talk. There is lots of hang wringing and posturing, and calls of great peril, yet no one is thinking outside the box to propose a solution.

Bradbury: LA needs monorails!: “Cory Doctorow:
Ray Bradbury has written an editorial for the LA Times calling on the city of Los Angeles to build a monorail network before the city’s traffic becomes completely unmanageable.

If we examine the history of subways, we will find how tremendously expensive and destructive they are.

They are, first of all, meant for cold climates such as Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Moscow and Tokyo. But L.A. is a Mediterranean area; our weather is sublime, and people are accustomed to traveling in the open air and enjoying the sunshine, not in closed cars under the ground.

Subways take forever to build and, because the tunnels have to be excavated, are incredibly expensive. The cost of one subway line would build 10 monorail systems.

Along the way, subway construction destroys businesses by the scores. The history of the subway from East L.A. to the Valley is a history of ruined businesses and upended lives.

The monorail is extraordinary in that it can be built elsewhere and then carried in and installed in mid-street with little confusion and no destruction of businesses. In a matter of a few months, a line could be built from Long Beach all the way along Western Avenue to the mountains with little disturbance to citizens and no threat to local businesses.

Compared to the heavy elevateds of the past, the monorail is virtually soundless. Anyone who has ridden the Disneyland or Seattle monorails knows how quietly they move.


(Via Boing Boing.)

Bradbury: LA needs monorails!


2 Responses to “Bradbury: LA needs monorails!”

  1. Fritz Says:

    Seattle? Disneyland? Those are both very short lines. SUrely Bradbury could have picked better examples.

    Oh wait. There aren’t any better examples, because monorails aren’t used for longer-distance mass transit. I have to admit, though, that being underground in an earthquake-prone region doesn’t sound too enticing.

    And how the heck does he figure Tokyo is in a cold climate? It’s at the same latitude and has similar weather to Washington DC, except it’s a little warmer in the winters in Tokyo.

  2. pswansen Says:

    At least he’s making a proposal. I know that a couple of years ago, there was that big study here in Colorado, regarding a Monorail to the high country. Maybe we need to think more of mag-lev trains. Certainly, adding another bore to the Eisenhower Tunnel and more lanes on the I-70 corrodor isn’t going to successfully address the traffic issue.

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