The modern age of vending

I’ve not seen these in my local Safeway, and yet I’ve not been in the store for a couple of days. The lovely and talented lady of the house was at the store mentioned in the Post article, but didn’t say anything about seeing it. I’ll check this out and bring back photo’s and some impressions.

The modern age of vending: “

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There was a time when a vending machine simply dispensed chilled sodas. After that, they carried a
full range of candy bars and salty snack products. There were even vending machines that brewed you a cup of coffee and
heated your instant cup o’ soup. Soon other industries beyond food will be able to stock their wares in these machines,
traditionally only food-delivery systems. The Denver Post
that Safeway supermarkets in Colorado have been testing these machines in stores since late last year.
Nestled amongst food products, the Zoom Shops
carry such goods as iPods, Playstations and DVD sets. Don’t dig out the retractable quarter on a string from your
childhood, though. That trick may have gotten you a free Coke, but these new machines only take credit cards. Will
there eventually be a middle ground between 65¢ packets of pretzels and iPods – like a blender or a mid-range
toaster oven? Only time will tell….

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(Via Slashfood.)

The modern age of vending

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