Copper Mountain expansion approved

I knew that this was in the works, and apparently all the roadblocks and hurdles have been removed for the project to go forward. What is interesting, is the resurgence of the Colorado Ski areas. If you drive through any Ski Area you’re bound to see construction in various stages of completion and scope. Add to the equation, a great weather year for snow in the 2005/2006 season, another good year for attendance at the Winter X Games in Aspen, and you start to see a trend. Yes, there will be a conversation as to whether or not this is a good trend, and that’s fine. Conversations are a good thing, and when we’re having conversations regarding growth and the Colorado economy, that benefits us all.

Copper Mountain expansion approved: “COPPER MOUNTAIN (AP) – After six years of study, the U.S. Forest Service has approved an expansion plan that includes more snowmaking, more trails and a new chairlift at Copper Mountain, the Vail Daily reports.”

(Via Top Stories.)

Copper Mountain expansion approved

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