The grocery store is a place that I spend 3-5 days a week in, for a period of time. No, I’m not back working in this business, but rather just shopping, and getting those things that we always seem to need around the house. It’s eggs, butter, and all those other seemingly important things that we can’t live without. No coffee comes to mind as just one of those times. Today was just such a day, so off to our local Safeway with a list. (Yes I actually had a list, get over it.) So I’m in the store in one of those mis-numbered aisles, looking for some Splenda, for the Lovely and Talented Lady of the house. Now Splenda offers various options, including boxes of in 200 and 400 count sizes. What I found interesting was the pricing of the boxes. The 200 count box was priced on a “per count” basis, while the 400 count box was priced on a “per ounce” basis. No, how am I, math challenged as I am, (Just ask the rest of the family, and why I picked the Collage I did, and yet I digress.) without the assistance of some heavy computing power, am I going to figure out some sort of comparision that will mean something to me. Just in case you’re worried, I got the 200 count box, as it was the right size for the space that is available in the kitchen, above the Bunn Coffee maker, that we’ve had for years. I’ll write more about the grocery stores later.

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