Where are we going so fast?

Where are we going so fast.

I’m a professional driver. This means that I get paid to drive on a daily basis. I’ve driven a cab, Over the road (OTR) which was a money losing proposition, and now I drive a Limousine. One of the plethora of things I notice daily is how many of you other drivers out and about pay little if any attention to the posted speed limit signs. This disregard of the speed limit signs, is apparent on residential streets, city streets, state highways, and of course, the Interstate here, in and around the Greater Denver Metro area. It matters not, what time of day either, as excess speed knows no time of day. The only thing that comes to mind is that people are in a hurry, running late, or maybe just don’t like spending time in the car, so want to get whereever they’re headed and get the trip finished.

Now this is based on my own observations, so your mileage may vary. It’s not just a few miles an hour over the posted speed limit, rather it’s lets see just how fast we can get from point A to B. I often find myself having to speed up in order to keep from being road kill out on the highway, or at least not to be an impediment to the flow of traffic. This means that the majority of traffic is traveling at 10-15 mph., or more over the posted speed limit at least out on the Interstate. In order to keep from getting run over, even at the 10-15 mph. in excess of the posted speed limit, I find myself, still the slowest vehicle out there.

Enforcement of the speed limit is spotty at best, and I’m sure that there are many more important things that our Law Enforcement’s finest, are concerned with than the occasional speeder. I don’t know just what percentage of the local Police are allocated to traffic patrol/control, and I’ll say that I don’t see many, and maybe that’s the way they want it.

I’ve written about this befor, and I’ll again bring out a budget savings option for the parties concerned. This goes for Local, City, State, and Federal budgets, and concerns how you can save what is likely to be hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual budget. Stop the manufacture of the speed limit signs. Then re-assign those crews, responsible for the maintenance and care of the speed limit signs, to more pressing needs. (You know what they are, so I won’t belabour the point.) The signs are most likely a fixed cost depending on the sign size, and the crews, are a flucuating cost, depending on how often they have to patrol and what amount of time and effort is needed to upkeep the signs.

Is this a perfect solution. Hell, no! Traffic flow is a constant issue regardless the size of the city. There is an entire other issue of traffic infrastructure for another time.

Speeders will be speeders and I suppose that they will always be with us. When I see you out on the highways and byways, I’ll get over in the right lane and let you pass, and I’ll see you at the next blocks, red traffic light. Aren’t you glad you got there first?


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