Black Town Cars

I spend lots of time at the airport. Either waiting for flights to come in or waiting for late flights, as well as simply bringing clients out to the airport to catch their flight. Denver being a city of 1 million plus inhabitants, has a superb public transportation system and of course the requisite Cabs and Limousine service’s. Working with the latter, I see lots of Limousines on a daily basis, either at the airport or around town. Many of the limo’s are Lincoln Town Cars, and most of them are black in colour. Now some bright individual has done a study, and determined that a black coloured Town Car rolls much more often that any other colour. That being said, it appears that the corellation and cause of this is the colour of the car. My son, was out at the airport waiting for someone, for a couple of hours and observed what he thought to be many more black Town Cars than Cabs picking up people coming into Denver. He then wondered if there was some relationship as to the wealth or measure of the city in relation to the number of Black Town Cars. Well yes, and no. I told him that the number of Black Town Cars is just an indication that the driver, or an owner of the Black Town Car, has enough money to purchase and outfit the car to perform as a Limousine here in Colorado. It has nothing to to with their ability, business accumen, customer service skills or knowledge of the Denver Metro Area. This is a commodity business where people who have cars take people who want to go somewhere in particular. Fortunately or not, there are few “Purple Cows” or Limousine services that have a story, and it shows. Having driven a Cab here in Denver for nearly a year, and now having moved into the Limousine Industry, I ‘m seeing lots of the same types of people, just with more money to perform in this business than something else. I often look at the various types of drivers, and wonder, “were I getting off an airplane and coming out of the airport, would I want to get into this drivers Cab, or that drivers Limousine?” Unfortunately, in to many instances the answer is a resounding, NO!


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