S.ure H.appy I.t’s T.hursday

This is one of those days when I’ve lots of runs and not near enough time to make it home to relax or get anything to eat. Logistics suck. That’s fine. As long as there’s a coffee shop nearby with free wi-fi, life is good. It’s really to nice to be inside all day anyway today. Maybe spring is really here? Ok, saying that, we’ll likely get some monster winter snow storm that will dump a couple feet of snow on us. We’ll then be reminded of why we love and live in Colorado. The lovely and talented lady of the house is working in the mountains today, and I hope she takes some time to enjoy the scenery and beauty of the area. I’m sure she will. She’ll also treat herself to some caffeine and sugar laiden Starbucks concoction if I know her. Well time to pack up the laptop and get back to the other work.


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