IT Conversations.

IT Conversations.

I listened to () this morning regarding Calendaring. The subject matter caught my attention, as Calendaring and the web are an area of interest of mine. Here was another case of not being able to listen to the entire podcast. I often have this happen as the conversation begins to wander or the original subject for discussion has lost its focus. In this case the subjec while interesting, I say, wasn’t presented in a listenable fashion. I realize that the title of the provider is “IT Conversations,” and it might be geared more for webheads. In this case I wondered why the girl being interviewed wasn’t speaking english. She used way to much jargon and industry buzz words that unfortunatly the interviewer, never asked a follow up question to get some clarification as to just what the hell she was talking about. Now in come cases he did and in a couple of cases she did also, as a part of the answer to the question asked. Overall however, it was 30+ minutes of GeekSpeak. Podcasters need to, I say, direct their Cast, to a common listener. If your Podcast is one that is a subscription only, for a particular niche market or listener group, then all the buzzwords and jargon related to your business or profession are just fine, given your audience. Otherwise, lets converse with each other in a common voice, as friends and neighbours chatting over the back fence while having coffee or a beer. Using that framework will make podcasts much more listenable.


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