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Adrants: Philips’ :15 Pre-Movie Ad Turned Down, View It Here

March 9, 2006

I can’t remember the last time I was in a movie theater, and yet I do remember the excessive amount of ads and fillers. There were often times at the end of all the fluff, I’d begin to wonder what movie I’d come to see. (Ok, maybe it’s my age….)

Philips’ :15 Pre-Movie Ad Turned Down, View It Here: “Unfortunately, the theater industry was too stupid to take Philips’ money and run. As you may have heard Philips, through Carat USA, tried to buy four minutes worth of pre-movie ad time in Boston and Minneapolis movie theaters from…

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Philips’ :15 Pre-Movie Ad Turned Down, View It Here

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Driver killed in rollover crash

March 6, 2006

During my early morning work this morning I had the opportunity to drive by this location three times. It was not a pretty sight.

Driver killed in rollover crash: “PARKER’- The driver of a pickup truck was killed during Monday’s commute when his truck overturned.”

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Driver killed in rollover crash

More on Bennish.

March 5, 2006

Here’s more on Bennish from Michelle Malkin

A tale of two coffee shops.

March 3, 2006

The tail of two Coffee Shops.

Earlier this afternoon I spent an hour in Fluid Coffee Bar in town and now I’m in a Starbucks near Centennial Airport. Night and day difference. No free wi-fi in the neighbourhood here at Starbucks. Fluid had nearly a dozen available wi-fi signals availalble in and around the shop. Starbucks has a premium on available electrical outlets in this location. Fluid has power strips available to plug in your laptop so you don’t run out of battery. Nice place. Coffee and sweet eat offerings are pretty much the same.

Black Town Cars

March 2, 2006

I spend lots of time at the airport. Either waiting for flights to come in or waiting for late flights, as well as simply bringing clients out to the airport to catch their flight. Denver being a city of 1 million plus inhabitants, has a superb public transportation system and of course the requisite Cabs and Limousine service’s. Working with the latter, I see lots of Limousines on a daily basis, either at the airport or around town. Many of the limo’s are Lincoln Town Cars, and most of them are black in colour. Now some bright individual has done a study, and determined that a black coloured Town Car rolls much more often that any other colour. That being said, it appears that the corellation and cause of this is the colour of the car. My son, was out at the airport waiting for someone, for a couple of hours and observed what he thought to be many more black Town Cars than Cabs picking up people coming into Denver. He then wondered if there was some relationship as to the wealth or measure of the city in relation to the number of Black Town Cars. Well yes, and no. I told him that the number of Black Town Cars is just an indication that the driver, or an owner of the Black Town Car, has enough money to purchase and outfit the car to perform as a Limousine here in Colorado. It has nothing to to with their ability, business accumen, customer service skills or knowledge of the Denver Metro Area. This is a commodity business where people who have cars take people who want to go somewhere in particular. Fortunately or not, there are few “Purple Cows” or Limousine services that have a story, and it shows. Having driven a Cab here in Denver for nearly a year, and now having moved into the Limousine Industry, I ‘m seeing lots of the same types of people, just with more money to perform in this business than something else. I often look at the various types of drivers, and wonder, “were I getting off an airplane and coming out of the airport, would I want to get into this drivers Cab, or that drivers Limousine?” Unfortunately, in to many instances the answer is a resounding, NO!


February 26, 2006

The grocery store is a place that I spend 3-5 days a week in, for a period of time. No, I’m not back working in this business, but rather just shopping, and getting those things that we always seem to need around the house. It’s eggs, butter, and all those other seemingly important things that we can’t live without. No coffee comes to mind as just one of those times. Today was just such a day, so off to our local Safeway with a list. (Yes I actually had a list, get over it.) So I’m in the store in one of those mis-numbered aisles, looking for some Splenda, for the Lovely and Talented Lady of the house. Now Splenda offers various options, including boxes of in 200 and 400 count sizes. What I found interesting was the pricing of the boxes. The 200 count box was priced on a “per count” basis, while the 400 count box was priced on a “per ounce” basis. No, how am I, math challenged as I am, (Just ask the rest of the family, and why I picked the Collage I did, and yet I digress.) without the assistance of some heavy computing power, am I going to figure out some sort of comparision that will mean something to me. Just in case you’re worried, I got the 200 count box, as it was the right size for the space that is available in the kitchen, above the Bunn Coffee maker, that we’ve had for years. I’ll write more about the grocery stores later.

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Doctor’s, Lawyers, Indian Chief’s.

February 24, 2006

I can now say that I’ve had all three categories riding in my limo at one time or another.

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16th St Mall

February 24, 2006


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GOP invites Denver, other cities to bid on convention

February 16, 2006

Now the other shoe has dropped. Any pools begun on if Denver gets one, or both, or neither?

GOP invites Denver, other cities to bid on convention: “The Republican National Committee has sent out requests for proposals asking 31 cities, including metro Denver, to host the 2008 Republican convention.”

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GOP invites Denver, other cities to bid on convention

The modern age of vending

February 16, 2006

I’ve not seen these in my local Safeway, and yet I’ve not been in the store for a couple of days. The lovely and talented lady of the house was at the store mentioned in the Post article, but didn’t say anything about seeing it. I’ll check this out and bring back photo’s and some impressions.

The modern age of vending: “

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There was a time when a vending machine simply dispensed chilled sodas. After that, they carried a
full range of candy bars and salty snack products. There were even vending machines that brewed you a cup of coffee and
heated your instant cup o’ soup. Soon other industries beyond food will be able to stock their wares in these machines,
traditionally only food-delivery systems. The Denver Post
that Safeway supermarkets in Colorado have been testing these machines in stores since late last year.
Nestled amongst food products, the Zoom Shops
carry such goods as iPods, Playstations and DVD sets. Don’t dig out the retractable quarter on a string from your
childhood, though. That trick may have gotten you a free Coke, but these new machines only take credit cards. Will
there eventually be a middle ground between 65¢ packets of pretzels and iPods – like a blender or a mid-range
toaster oven? Only time will tell….

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The modern age of vending

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