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Scott Rafer: Garbage 2.0 In, Garbage 2.0 Out

March 13, 2006

Garbage 2.0 In, Garbage 2.0 Out: “

The programmable web (aka Web 2.0) is a fascinating and dangerous place. WINKsite’s founder Dave Harper just noticed what should be a cool new mashup — and is instead a perpetuation of the misdeeds of others. Mobilicious [screenshots here] is a reasonably well-executed mashup of the delicious API and Google Mobile Search. The problem is that Google Mobile Search trashes every mobile site on the planet while violating our copyrights for good measure. Mobilicious integrates these copyright violations with delicious and passes the problems along.

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Dave Harper: An Open Letter to Google: “Page adapted for mobile phone?” Please stop now, you are crippling sites, not adapting pages.

March 13, 2006

An Open Letter to Google: “Page adapted for mobile phone?” Please stop now, you are crippling sites, not adapting pages.: “

Dear Google,

I just used Google on various mobile devices (i.e. a Nokia 6600, Sony w800E, and Motorola RAZR V3) to search for my service Rather than link to WINKsite directly the results instead link to a reformatted version that in Google’s words is ‘adapted for mobile phone’.

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Driver killed in rollover crash

March 6, 2006

During my early morning work this morning I had the opportunity to drive by this location three times. It was not a pretty sight.

Driver killed in rollover crash: “PARKER’- The driver of a pickup truck was killed during Monday’s commute when his truck overturned.”

(Via Top Stories.)

Driver killed in rollover crash

A tale of two coffee shops.

March 3, 2006

The tail of two Coffee Shops.

Earlier this afternoon I spent an hour in Fluid Coffee Bar in town and now I’m in a Starbucks near Centennial Airport. Night and day difference. No free wi-fi in the neighbourhood here at Starbucks. Fluid had nearly a dozen available wi-fi signals availalble in and around the shop. Starbucks has a premium on available electrical outlets in this location. Fluid has power strips available to plug in your laptop so you don’t run out of battery. Nice place. Coffee and sweet eat offerings are pretty much the same.

16th St Mall

February 24, 2006


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February 24, 2006


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One World. No Borders. : Metroblogging Network “Mobilized” By WINKsite Across 42 Cities

February 21, 2006

One World. No Borders. : Metroblogging Network “Mobilized” By WINKsite Across 42 Cities: “

WINKsite has helped Metroblogging go mobile across their network of 42 cities. We’re excited to be working with Sean, Jason and the rest of the Metroblogging Team.

Special thanks to Andy and Gordon over at for adding some new tricks to their event feeds. With their help we were able to provide some additional mobile goodness for the Metroblogging Community (more on that in my next post.)

Just fire up a mobile browser and head over to and check it out on your phone.

Alternatively, select one of the metro links below to view it’s mobile site from our desktop emulator.

Metroblogging Atlanta
Metroblogging Austin
Metroblogging Bangkok
Metroblogging Berlin
Metroblogging Bermingham
Metroblogging Boston
Metroblogging Cayman
Metroblogging Chicago
Metroblogging Dallas
Metroblogging Denver
Metroblogging Detroit
Metroblogging Dubai
Metroblogging Dublin
Metroblogging Hawaii
Metroblogging Houston
Metroblogging Islamabad
Metroblogging Instanbul
Metroblogging Karachi
Metroblogging Lahore
Metroblogging London
Metroblogging Los Angeles
Metroblogging Manila
Metroblogging Melbourne
Metroblogging Miami
Metroblogging Minneapolis
Metroblogging Montreal
Metroblogging Mumbai
Metroblogging New Orleans
Metroblogging New York City
Metroblogging Orlando
Metroblogging Paris
Metroblogging Philadelphia
Metroblogging Phoenix
Metroblogging Portland
Metroblogging San Francisco
Metroblogging Orange County
Metroblogging Seattle
Metroblogging Singapore
Metroblogging Tokyo
Metroblogging Toronto
Metroblogging Vancouver
Metroblogging Vienna
Metroblogging Washington D.C.

(Via Different Things.)

One World. No Borders. : Metroblogging Network “Mobilized” By WINKsite Across 42 Cities

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