S.ure H.appy I.t’s T.hursday

March 2, 2006

This is one of those days when I’ve lots of runs and not near enough time to make it home to relax or get anything to eat. Logistics suck. That’s fine. As long as there’s a coffee shop nearby with free wi-fi, life is good. It’s really to nice to be inside all day anyway today. Maybe spring is really here? Ok, saying that, we’ll likely get some monster winter snow storm that will dump a couple feet of snow on us. We’ll then be reminded of why we love and live in Colorado. The lovely and talented lady of the house is working in the mountains today, and I hope she takes some time to enjoy the scenery and beauty of the area. I’m sure she will. She’ll also treat herself to some caffeine and sugar laiden Starbucks concoction if I know her. Well time to pack up the laptop and get back to the other work.


Black Town Cars

March 2, 2006

I spend lots of time at the airport. Either waiting for flights to come in or waiting for late flights, as well as simply bringing clients out to the airport to catch their flight. Denver being a city of 1 million plus inhabitants, has a superb public transportation system and of course the requisite Cabs and Limousine service’s. Working with the latter, I see lots of Limousines on a daily basis, either at the airport or around town. Many of the limo’s are Lincoln Town Cars, and most of them are black in colour. Now some bright individual has done a study, and determined that a black coloured Town Car rolls much more often that any other colour. That being said, it appears that the corellation and cause of this is the colour of the car. My son, was out at the airport waiting for someone, for a couple of hours and observed what he thought to be many more black Town Cars than Cabs picking up people coming into Denver. He then wondered if there was some relationship as to the wealth or measure of the city in relation to the number of Black Town Cars. Well yes, and no. I told him that the number of Black Town Cars is just an indication that the driver, or an owner of the Black Town Car, has enough money to purchase and outfit the car to perform as a Limousine here in Colorado. It has nothing to to with their ability, business accumen, customer service skills or knowledge of the Denver Metro Area. This is a commodity business where people who have cars take people who want to go somewhere in particular. Fortunately or not, there are few “Purple Cows” or Limousine services that have a story, and it shows. Having driven a Cab here in Denver for nearly a year, and now having moved into the Limousine Industry, I ‘m seeing lots of the same types of people, just with more money to perform in this business than something else. I often look at the various types of drivers, and wonder, “were I getting off an airplane and coming out of the airport, would I want to get into this drivers Cab, or that drivers Limousine?” Unfortunately, in to many instances the answer is a resounding, NO!

You Know You’ve Had Too Much Caffeine When…

March 2, 2006

Something to read with your morning cup of coffee.

You Know You’ve Had Too Much Caffeine When…: “

In the style of ‘You might be a redneck if…’ jokes, here’s a batch about caffeine:

You might be a caffeine addict if:

  • Your web page has the Mountain Dew color scheme.
  • You don’t sweat, you percolate.
  • You have to drink some form of caffeinated beverage just to sleep.
  • Your eyes stay open when you sneeze.
  • You lick your coffeepot clean.
  • You know from experience caffeine tablets don’t dissolve in cola.
  • Juan Valdez names his donkey after you.
  • You grind your coffee beans in your mouth.
  • You get a speeding ticket even when you’re parked
  • You can jump-start your car without cables.
  • You see nothing wrong with using water joe to make the coffee you use to take your no-doze.
  • You want to be cremated just so you can spend eternity in a coffee can.
  • The dishes in your house are all coffee cups.
  • Starbuck’s owns the mortgage on your house.
  • You suck on a used coffee filter and grounds whenever the can runs out of coffee.
  • You have distilled Jolt Cola to make it more potent.
  • A cup of coffee before bed doesn’t keep you from falling asleep anymore.
  • You’ve worn out the handle on your favorite coffee mug.
  • You’ve ever used the airplane’s call button just to get a coffee refill.
  • You dip espresso beans.
  • You slip into a coma if you drink decaf by accident.
  • You’ve given up sex, TV, and all forms of meat for Lent before, but STILL can’t make it 40 days without caffeine.
  • Your birthday is a national holiday in Colombia.
  • You go to AA meetings just for the free coffee.
  • You go to the doctor because you’re afraid there might be blood in your Mountain Dew stream.
  • You can name the five flavors of JOLT.
  • You need a caffeinated beverage after lunch to avoid being cranky all afternoon.
  • You believe that the coffee bean is a vegetable.
  • You have a website about caffeine.

Post any more you have in the comments.

(Via Energy Fiend.)

You Know You’ve Had Too Much Caffeine When…

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February 28, 2006

“We don’t need any help walking around, looking stupid, we can do that on our own.”


February 28, 2006

Yes I’ve changed the look of the blog. I wasn’t happy with the look of the body of the blog so we’ve gone to this look. Enjoy.

Where are we going so fast?

February 28, 2006

Where are we going so fast.

I’m a professional driver. This means that I get paid to drive on a daily basis. I’ve driven a cab, Over the road (OTR) which was a money losing proposition, and now I drive a Limousine. One of the plethora of things I notice daily is how many of you other drivers out and about pay little if any attention to the posted speed limit signs. This disregard of the speed limit signs, is apparent on residential streets, city streets, state highways, and of course, the Interstate here, in and around the Greater Denver Metro area. It matters not, what time of day either, as excess speed knows no time of day. The only thing that comes to mind is that people are in a hurry, running late, or maybe just don’t like spending time in the car, so want to get whereever they’re headed and get the trip finished.

Now this is based on my own observations, so your mileage may vary. It’s not just a few miles an hour over the posted speed limit, rather it’s lets see just how fast we can get from point A to B. I often find myself having to speed up in order to keep from being road kill out on the highway, or at least not to be an impediment to the flow of traffic. This means that the majority of traffic is traveling at 10-15 mph., or more over the posted speed limit at least out on the Interstate. In order to keep from getting run over, even at the 10-15 mph. in excess of the posted speed limit, I find myself, still the slowest vehicle out there.

Enforcement of the speed limit is spotty at best, and I’m sure that there are many more important things that our Law Enforcement’s finest, are concerned with than the occasional speeder. I don’t know just what percentage of the local Police are allocated to traffic patrol/control, and I’ll say that I don’t see many, and maybe that’s the way they want it.

I’ve written about this befor, and I’ll again bring out a budget savings option for the parties concerned. This goes for Local, City, State, and Federal budgets, and concerns how you can save what is likely to be hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual budget. Stop the manufacture of the speed limit signs. Then re-assign those crews, responsible for the maintenance and care of the speed limit signs, to more pressing needs. (You know what they are, so I won’t belabour the point.) The signs are most likely a fixed cost depending on the sign size, and the crews, are a flucuating cost, depending on how often they have to patrol and what amount of time and effort is needed to upkeep the signs.

Is this a perfect solution. Hell, no! Traffic flow is a constant issue regardless the size of the city. There is an entire other issue of traffic infrastructure for another time.

Speeders will be speeders and I suppose that they will always be with us. When I see you out on the highways and byways, I’ll get over in the right lane and let you pass, and I’ll see you at the next blocks, red traffic light. Aren’t you glad you got there first?

Boy injured falling off chairlift

February 28, 2006

This story is one that just screams for action by the Nanny Brigade, and those “do gooders” with way to much time on their hands. I envision, a “Mothers Against Unsafe Chairlifts,” (MAUC), Congressional Hearings on Chairlift Safety, Seatbelts, and the list just keeps on growing.

Boy injured falling off chairlift: “BEAVER CREEK- A boy was injured when he fell off a Colorado ski lift Sunday.”

(Via 9NEWS.com Local Headlines.)

Boy injured falling off chairlift

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February 26, 2006

The grocery store is a place that I spend 3-5 days a week in, for a period of time. No, I’m not back working in this business, but rather just shopping, and getting those things that we always seem to need around the house. It’s eggs, butter, and all those other seemingly important things that we can’t live without. No coffee comes to mind as just one of those times. Today was just such a day, so off to our local Safeway with a list. (Yes I actually had a list, get over it.) So I’m in the store in one of those mis-numbered aisles, looking for some Splenda, for the Lovely and Talented Lady of the house. Now Splenda offers various options, including boxes of in 200 and 400 count sizes. What I found interesting was the pricing of the boxes. The 200 count box was priced on a “per count” basis, while the 400 count box was priced on a “per ounce” basis. No, how am I, math challenged as I am, (Just ask the rest of the family, and why I picked the Collage I did, and yet I digress.) without the assistance of some heavy computing power, am I going to figure out some sort of comparision that will mean something to me. Just in case you’re worried, I got the 200 count box, as it was the right size for the space that is available in the kitchen, above the Bunn Coffee maker, that we’ve had for years. I’ll write more about the grocery stores later.

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Relaxing weekend.

February 26, 2006

It’s been one of those computer house cleaning weekends. I’ve been looking at the amount of RSS feeds I have in NetNewsWire, some 233+, and yes it’s way to many. I’ve been deleting some and still it’s to many. I’ve also been looking at the programs I’m using and how efficient or not so efficient they are. I’ve deleted bunch of programs, many that I’ve not used in months and don’t think I’ll use in the near term, so off they went. There’s a few projects festering and I need to get them on paper. I need to find a useful, calendaring program, something to keep notes regaring work, blogging, and don’t even get me started on Instant Messaging.

Overheard Conversation

February 26, 2006

“He’s a little bit of an idiot, isn’t he.”